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Minutes of Meetings with Hampshire County Council



Northern end of the village:

The proposed gateway is to be placed on a “build-out” which would narrow the carriage way to 3m thus providing a visual and physical pinch point.  This is the standard carriageway width for a build-out.  Anything wider than that (less than the full carriageway) would be considered dangerous for cyclists as cars may be tempted to squeeze through the gap alongside them.  The build-out will also allow the extra space needed to erect an impactful gateway – the narrow verge next to the ditch being too small.

Road narrowing signs would be erected in both directions with edge lining around and through the narrowing point.

The build-out would be a grass verge supported by textured stone curbing to protect the edges.  The lengthsman would be required to maintain the grass.

A 3m carriageway is wide enough for all large vehicles to pass including lorries and tractors.


Southern end of the village:

Similar in style to the northern gateway.  Again, a pinch point reducing the carriageway to 3m.  In this case, there would be a build-out on both sides of the road.  Narrowing signs will be erected in both directions.

The dark approach under the trees could cause issues with visibility but the inclusion of edge lining will mitigate the risk.  Give-way signs are not required


The existing Rockbourne name signs would be removed as redundant.  The precise style of the gateway needs to be determined and is left largely at the discretion of the PC.


Edge lining between pub and village hall

The proposal is to mark solid white lines on either side of road inset by 200mm (or to make single carriageway of 3m?) with dashed lines across entranceways.  We could also add a “Single File Traffic” sign but it is suggested we first wait and see if the lines are effective.  The white lines remain part of carriageway and offer no physical or legal protection to pedestrians if vehicles encroach over them but they may encourage drivers to act more cautiously.


Riverside footway

It is feasible that the road could be narrowed over a longer stretch of the village to accommodate a rural footpath alongside the bourne.  The aim would be to create a safer and more pleasant experience for pedestrians moving about the village and to calm two way traffic by reducing the carriageway width.  This could be done in conjunction with the school to implement a walking bus from satellite parking locations (such as the village hall) to ease congestion during pick-up/drop-off.  Such a path might also require a barrier, such as a post and rail fence, alongside the bourne to prevent people from falling in.


Edge lining throughout the village

In the past, there were edge-lines throughout the village and these could be reinstated.  Whilst it is possible to use the lines to mark out a single carriageway width for cars, drivers are likely to ignore them if the lane marked is small relative to width of actual carriageway.  It would probably better to have lines 0.5m in from the edge on both sides.  Such markings would not be promoted as a virtual footway and afford no protection to pedestrians.

Solid white lines throughout, with dashed lines across entranceways, would change the aesthetic of the village.  The PC should look at examples of other villages where this has been done such as Emery Down.


20mph Limit

Changes to speed limits are not currently included as part of the community funded scheme despite the PC’s willingness to help with funding.  HCC policy dictates that discussions on changes to speed limits must be “casualty led” meaning Rockbourne is unlikely to get a 20mph limit unless more people are killed/injured on the road.  The most recent casualty was a hospitalisation on18/9/2018 following a collision between a car and a lorry.

Previous speed audits have shown that few drivers exceed the 30mph limit in Rockbourne.  However, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians in the village do not feel safe using the road in close proximity to vehicles travelling at these speeds.  Children walking to and from the school are at particular risk of being injured by vehicles as there is no pavement and little in the way of a verge that can be walked on.  A lorry or tractor travelling within the current speed limit that hits a child or vulnerable pedestrian would result in serious injury or death.  The PC believes that HCC should take action to prevent such a tragedy.



A number of signs need repairing / cleaning.  In particular, two of the 30mph repeater signs are badly damaged.

Mandy’s team will also look at removing or improving the design of the chevrons in the centre of the village to make it look less like a race track.

A road safety audit will be carried out in conjunction with the proposed works.  The PC would like to repeat the traffic monitoring exercise that was carried out in 2014 and 2016 for an updated comparison.

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